Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthday Boy, Beach trip & Bo Pops

I know, I know...I am a TERRIBLE blogger. When you have an hour here and there it is really hard to actually want to sit down and do this when there's so much more to do. So, I'll keep it simple. In the past month we have celebrated a birthday, gone to the beach all the while watching our sweet baby Bo blossom into a wild little boy. He is a joy and changes every day. I love my time with him and enjoy watching his curious nature explore. He continues to be a blessing to all around him, including strangers. Bo will greet any strange person walking by him with the most Southern "hi" and a wave. Even the grouchiest person can't help but smile at his antics. Yes, he knows he is cute! So, here are some long overdue pictures!

Bo playing on his new "yard art". The first thing he did was scale the slide all the way to the much for growing into a toy!

At the Tennessee Aquarium...we have purchased a year membership. Bo LOVED the penguins, fish, and river otters. He was so interactive and showed us all the "baby signs" for the different animals---fish, bird, frog. It excites him to be able to communicate with us.

Let the party begin...we had lots of family over to celebrate! Bucky edited a sweet video of Bo's entire first was AMAZING and so beautiful. There is great footage of Bucky's sweet grandmother who passed away this May---what a true treasure to have such sweet memories of her on tape.

A little cake (on my actual birthday).

My new firetruck from Papa Bruce, Gran & Emily! Loves it.

And a few much for writing "no gifts, please" on the invitation!

And now, the beach...we went with our dear friends the Coopers. We had a great week and fortunately by-passed a hurricane at the same time!

Oh, and the Bo pops? Well, I thought I had the picture downloaded but I don't...I'll save it for next time! Enjoy or sweet little boy!