Friday, September 4, 2009

Bo's first day of "school"

Bo started a wee care/mother's morning out this week. He is going 2 days a week and loves it. He is so excited to see his "friends" and "teachers". Bucky taught him to introduce himself and say, "nice to meet you Ma'am" to his teacher. It is very funny to hear. Poor child did come home both days this week in his spare outfit...poor thing...maybe I should tell the teacher it might happen more often than not!

Gone fishin'

We spent a few days at the lake for a change of scenery with the 4 of us a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice time to relax and get away...we figured a drive to the beach was out of the question with a 2 week old! Bo had his first fishing experience with his daddy and PawPaw which he LOVED! He was such a big boy walking around the lake, talking, and just in general bigger. My heart just melts over him and watching how he explores more and more.

Happy Late Birthday Daddy...

Dinner at Steak & Shake (kids eat free on weekends)

And Bo enjoying the big cookie cake!

Picture please!

These are some comical attempts to take pictures of my two children together...will it ever happen???

Bo asleep, Mary Susan awake :)

Bo awake saying "cheese", Mary Susan crying

Both kids crying...

Bo's 2nd Birthday

Only a month late :) We had so much fun celebrating Bo's birthday. Although we did have an uninvited guest that we hadn't anticipated making an appearance at the party---Mary Susan! We planned the party the week before his actual birthday and my due date (August 9th). However, the party ended up being the day after we came home from the hospital. It was a great transition to have all the focus on Bo. Both grandparents, Bucky's grandmother, and Bo's friends Jacks & Wil all celebrated with us. We had "Bob-Bob's" (Bob the Builder) everywhere. He was so excited and I still can't believe my baby is 2! He continues to amaze us with his expanding vocabulary and fun personality. He is such a sweet big brother (when he actually acknowledges her existence).

Blowing out the candle!

On his tricycle from his daddy

Opening the presents...

Jacks was so excited and so entertaining with everything. Bucky's mom said it reminded her of Bucky with his friend, Mack when he was little.

Papa Bruce with new Mary Susan---2 days old here.