Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sweetness

We had a BEAUTIFUL Easter here! The sun was shining all day (a beautiful day for the Master's final round and that glorious nap that usually happens right before its big finale). What a wonderful day to be with family and celebrate that our Saviour has risen. Sadly, Bucky had to work during the afternoon but we enjoyed the morning, Church, and Easter brunch together. I took Bo to Dalton for the afternoon to see our family. He was a delight to see searching for eggs and rummaging through the baskets for goodies the Easter bunny brought.
Ready for the hunt!

You never know when you need a broom!

Apparently someone thought it was a good idea to give Bo a jello egg...he obviously has no texture issues.

Great-grandparent Smithermans and Great-aunt Anne

More hunting...

And finally a little pure sweetness!

A fun few weeks!

Here are a few sweet pictures from our last couple of weeks...Bo continues to fill my days with joy (along with challenges of boundaries). Mostly he is delightful, putting sentences together, ever so curious, laughing, and overall fun. He makes us laugh a lot. Enjoy!
A visit to a petting zoo set up at a local toystore over the weekend. I wish I could bottle his excitement over these animals. He also rode a pony, "held" a rabbit (it reminded me a little of that little girl on Tiny Toons, anyone remember that girl's name???).

Butterfly day at Playgym...yes those are wings and 2 nets...we only lasted for 20 minutes before leaving because Bo was having a meltdown anytime a child approached him to get a net from him.

And finally a little April snow (I wish you could actually see the snow flakes falling.

Babies, babies, and more babies...

We have babies coming out our ears! Four friends in the past few weeks and a new nephew, Ethan James Smith. We took time to see our friends the Cooper's new addition, Molly Anne and new nephew, Ethan, last Wednesday. All was well until Bo attempted to stick his pacifier into crying Mollie Anne's mouth...I'm still a little mortified. I do have to commend his thought process even if it was a germy attempt to help. Pray Molly Anne doesn't get sick.

Here are some pictures:
First Molly Anne...

And baby Ethan...