Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nothing butt fun...

Ever tried chasing an 18 month old for a diaper on a beautiful sunny day???

Sometimes I feel like a broken record on this blog but I feel like my time with Bo just grows sweeter. He is now almost 19 months and has a personality of personalities. He is a charmer and is apparently fluent in Chinese (I'm guessing that is what he speaks to me all day long). He talks, runs, jumps, laughs, smiles, and is a ball of energy. 100% boy yet his heart is so tender---he already reminds me of his wonderful daddy. He is playful, curious, and loving---his big beautiful blue eyes glimmer as he explores, learns, and grows each day. Bo brings us more joy than we ever could have asked for or imagined.

Do you ever stop...and pause...and think...that our God of this beautiful world relishes in us as we do the sweetness of a small child? The joy Bo brings fills my heart in such a way that I can't begin to fathom or digest the love Christ has for me. I feel like my days as a mom are full of unspoken worship as I am in awe that God would entrust one of His own children into my care. What an amazing gift.

Here are a few sweet shots:
In the oh so fun Bilibo...

Get naked and eat spaghetti!

Busted playing in the dog's water bowl...again...used to seem like a big deal but how fun is water to a little boy???

Friday, February 6, 2009

What was I thinking?

Do you ever wonder that as a parent? Fingerpainting for Valentine's...really??? Well, atleast this fingerpainting excursion (our second this week) I did think to take off his shirt. He's learning, right? He's experimenting, right? His little brain is growing and synapses are developing, right?

I can be thankful for all the sweet pink, red, and magenta hand prints ALL OVER (do you understand what ALL OVER means) my downstairs (and my room for that matter). What have I learned: joy of an 18 -month old can't be measured in messes and fingerpainting should be done naked. I wish I could pause even the "messes" in life.

I would like to thank the people at Crayola for making a truly washable have saved me not only a brand new polo shirt but oh so much sanity.

Happy fingerpainting!