Friday, March 5, 2010

4 months?

Time with my babies trumps the computer every day thus no update in the past 4 months. I applaud those that manage diapers, children, cooking, cleaning, laundry, diapers, errands, grocery visits, exercise, diapers, bible study, husbands, time for self, did I mention diapers, etc, etc, etc and yet still can update often! I am not one of these people.

I will say the time has come & gone in a seemingly fleeting moment as our house is now filled with a running, dancing, talking, active toddler and a sitting, squealing, laughing, oh so smiley baby. So sweet! My days are blessed by these little ones, sweet moments that I wish to engrain in my mind for forever, and much intelligent conversation about poop shaped like all sorts of creatures. At the same time they are also filled with complete...utter...exhaustion.

So, here is the update for December:

1st snow and a little sledding
Christmas morning
What a nice santa...where did he find that bike big enough for a 12 year old?>

MS & sweet Granny Mollie on Christmas day

Mommy/daddy pre-Christmas/no kids trip to Ashville, NC

First bite of cereal

2nd snow of the year! MS sitting up for the first time!

Gingerbread house (by the end of December, Bo had very effectively removed the tops off of all gumdrops)

A few fun things about Bo:

--He talks a lot and says some super funny things.

--Bo is an early bird---sleeping in is 6:15 at our house...he wakes up and says "I want to go to mommy's room & get still"...he is the squirmiest bed partner you have ever seen.

--Loves music, dancing, worms and is very into peter rabbit books right now especially Mr. Jeremy Fischer

A few fun things about Mary Susan:

--MS is sitting very well, scooting on her booty backwards, and dances in the funniest bouncing motion you have ever seen when you sing to her

--She is the sweetest thing you have ever been around with a temperament that makes you want more babies! She is just so content, laid back, and easy going

--She LOVES her brother, watches him like a hawk, searches for him when he is not in the room

--She's a BIG baby--at 6 mos she was 18.2 lbs (90%), 28 inches (way off the chart)...for reference Bo was 19 lbs at 1 year!

MS @ 6 mos: