Thursday, May 15, 2008


New Home...

New Diapers...
Our home is full of change! For those of you that haven't heard our family will be moving to Chattanooga, TN. Bucky will be going back to school to pursue a masters in counseling at Psychological Studies Institute while working from home with his company, PharmMD. We will close on our first house next week and are excited at the same time sad for all we will leave here in Nashville. However, we know that God's good hand is in this and on our family as we make this move.

And, yes, I have finally made the switch to cloth diapering. When I expressed my interest and curiousity about using cloth, Bucky suggested I filter my interest into recycling if I were so environmentally inclined. Well, after 4-5 months of successful recycling he finally gave in and we have made the switch. Let me say, this is not nearly as dramatic as everyone wants it to be. It really is not much different than disposables except for a few extra laundry loads. And I have to say, there are some stinkin' cute diapers out there. I'm doubting Bo will be sporting much more this summer than a shirt and a diaper (we're rarely in clothes normally).

I hope that as life settles in for us we will be able to manage our blog a little more. We are truly blessed with a happy little boy. Feel free to visit us in Chattanooga starting next week!!!