Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chrismas...finally :)

Whew...I'm pretty sure this past month is deleted in my mind although I am certain we had a blessed Christmas with lots of family. We spent Christmas morning here in Chattanooga and then headed to Dalton for breakfast with my family and the afternoon at the Broadricks. Such a sweet time with a wild Bo. Bo loved our Christmas tree and elf on the shelf. He woke up every morning, bumped down the stairs on his little belly, ran to the tree and pointed wanting it to be turned on. As soon as it was he would say,"oooohhhh" and point to all the mo-men (snowmen). We waved at the Elf each day (even in the middle of the night when we ended up on the couch together on sleepless night) and sang songs to baby Jesus on the mantle. Although he didn't quite grasp it all, it was so great to see him light up with excitement over and over. Here are a few fun pictures over the past month.

Christmas morning at our house...the tent was a hit for all of 5 minutes before he started attempting to scale it...will be on Craigslist sooner than later! We love the Bilibo!

Five, six---pick up sticks and great-grandparents on Christmas Eve.

All I want for Christmas is a red wagon and a balloon? (at my parents)

And a few other random sweet shots...

Posing with daddy after face planting at the park. 3 hits to the nose in one week---the park, a fall off the porch, and a bloody nose on some slippery socks. (completely aware that I have a little boy and "things happen" but really, poor little nose).

Cheesy for the camera in his new GA jacket!

After all that it's time for some baby yoga and relaxation...

Happy New Year to all!