Saturday, November 1, 2008

Is that a baby or a penguin?

We had a big Halloween beginning with our playgym party and ending with a little trick or treating. I took Bo to the Tennessee Aquarium to get a few cute pictures in the penguin exhibit (yes, I was THAT mom with a dressed up child out before lunch on Friday). We went straight to the Penguins when we got there and after a little oohing & aahhing from some on-lookers moved onto the fish. A few minutes later an aquarium staff member asked if we could return to the penguin exhibit so that the Penguin Keeper could meet Bo. Sure! THEN, they asked if we wanted to take a picture with a REAL penguin. Bo & I were taken to the back area of the exhibit where they feed & care for the penguins. We were hoping for some adorable side by side shots but the real penguins were scared of the giant stuffed penguin. According to the staff they had never seen the penguins act as they did toward Bo. It was so fun. Bo was thrilled yelling at the penguins and pointing with excitement (hmmm...I wonder why they were so scared). We had a GREAT time. Bo has NO CLUE how exciting that was for a little boy. Later in the day we happened into the local toystore where Bo placed 3rd in the costume contest behind some disturbing mummified football player and Strawberry Shortcake. We left a little high on sugar after our free GreenLife gelato. What a FUN day!!! We also had a fun trip to Dalton for some trick or treating at the Grandparents as well as Bucky's grandmother's. I cherish these days! Sorry for all the pictures.

At PlayGym...

And Piano time with Granny...Bo managed to find the rap music setting on the keyboard.

Beach trip...

Here are some pictures of last week's trip to the beach. Let me just say that Bo has been to the beach more times this past year than Bucky & I have in our 4 years of marriage. It has been fun to watch him "evolve" over the year. This was a very fun trip with Bo. He was fearless towards the ocean and loved the birds, sand, and most importantly, SNACKS!!!! You have never seen a 14 month old eat as much as Bo. He points to his food and says, "mmmmm". He is so funny!

Getting ready for a bike ride (notice the hand stuck in the Snack Trap). Safety Dad Bucky made Bo wear a helmet in the trailer.

Enjoying a little ice cream...

And a few more snacks!