Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Fun...

It's not even officially Summer but it is sweltering here! Ninety percent humidity at 7:30 in the morning does nothing for a 7-month pregnant woman....however, it seems to have no effect on Bo! He is still wild as ever and I am trying my best to fight the fatigue and the on-going "to-do" list constanty running through my head to enjoy him. He is talking so much more. I'm guessing practice makes perfect because he is waking up each morning b/w 5:30 & 6:30 talking to himself.

Our sweet baby girl is healthy and growing. We are both anxious and excited to meet her. It is really sneaking up on us!

Here are a few pictures of our last few weeks...lots of "firsts" for Bo.

First "Baseball game" with Daddy...he is still talking about it 3 weeks later and regularly chants the "Put Me in Coach" Chant.

And then off to Bob the Builder LIVE. Bo is quite the dancer drawing an audience with his smooth moves. He enjoyed the music and characters but I'm pretty sure he missed the enviro-friendly plot on recycling. Seriously, the child has moves!

Then, we had breakfast with Curios George to kick off the summer exhibit at our Creative Discovery Museum. Nothing like a 7 a.m. fix on pancakes and syrup to get a 22 month old up and running.

And a few more shots that I can't resist:
Tormenting Max-Jean with an ice cream cone.

Blowing bubbles with Daddy.

Boys in a Basket. Our friend Jacks.

Mini-Firemen (hard to capture little people in front of a giant firetruck so I thought I would show off my husband's beautiful hydrangeas).

What a gift it is to be Bo's mama.