Friday, March 20, 2009

19 months...

Full of life and glimpses of imagination---Bo "feeds" his Bo Bear and Nana Bear a little breakfast he saves from his own plate along with some milk. Sounds of sirens echo as he scoots around the house on his hopper.

He is starting to put 2 words together as statements and last week started pointing and prounouncing names of objects/people/colors unprevoked by me. Very exciting to see his mind working.

Changing times...

Babies are everywhere lately it seems. In the upcoming months leading up to our due date we have 12 friends execting babies (9 of these will come before the end of June!!!). What an exciting time as life changes.

Last weekend we celebrated baby Miller that will be here end of April/beginning of May. Kristin is my college roommate---we lived together for 4 years...2 at the cutest apartment ever and the other 2 in our giant sorority house. Kristin is one of my favorite people. She is everything Lily Pulitzer encumbers in each pink and green concoction that comes out of their design center. She is genuinely kind and fun. We had a great time in Athens, GA...what a fun time with friends. Baby Miller (Joseph Wyatt) received some of the cutest, most amazing gifts I have ever seen at a baby boy shower. You expect cute after cute after cute with girl showers but usually not so with boys.

Oh, and our news...we are having a baby girl...due August 8th. We are so thankful for a healthy report from the doctor. Praise the Lord for healthy babies, His plan, and His timing.

Here are some pictures from the weekend: