Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And if all the sickness didn't make me crazy...

How about a little potty training to put me over the edge? Actually Bo is doing really well...we've been very laid back and spend most of our days "commando" at home which has been a major key to the success...oh, along with M&M's and gummy bears.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Photo shoot!

Our sweet friend Marcie Haisten came over before Thanksgiving and shot some amazing pictures. If you are in Chattanooga, she is a very talented photographer and so great to have in your house! She really captured some sweet shots (especially given Bo's amazing mood). Enjoy!

First Snow...

What a pleasant early December surprise! Super fun until 2 year old Bo's hands got cold after refusing to wear gloves...we love the word "No, ma'am" in these moments. All shots of Bo are in his signature "stop, mama" paparazzi pose. Enjoy!

Update: Part 3, Sweet Mary Susan

Just some pictures of my sweet baby, now 4 1/2 months old! Her 4 month stats: 14 lb 11 oz (75%), 27 1/2 inches (way off the charts---1 inch longer than Bo at 4 months!)

She is an amazingly sweet, laid back baby with a great temperament. She smiles a lot, laughs out loud, rolls over, and is sitting up (tripod) for ~30 seconds at a time. She found and loves her feet. Just so much fun right now!
First Christmas tree

Bright beautiful (still blue) eyes

MS: 4 months in her too big onesie.

Finally found her thumb.

MS: 3 months in her onesie

Update: Part 2, Thanksgiving.

November was a month of sickness in our home. First, Bo followed by Mary Susan. Mary Susan tested positive for RSV so we spent Thanksgiving at home with a sweet, sick baby. It was a pretty laid back day. Bucky & Bo did make it to Dalton for some family time and we enjoyed a late afternoon meal together. Praying for healthy children for Christmas.

Our double BOB, a steal for $230 at BabiesRUs!!!

Bo & his Halloween treats...he spent weeks lining his treats up all over the house

Update: Part 1, Halloween

Here is a peak into our past 2 months of life!

Boo at the Zoo with Nana & PawPaw

Be a good little Monkey & Don't be too Curious!

MS's first Halloween, spent asleep in the Moby.

Hallowwen at the Creative Discovery Museum with Papa Bruce & GiGi

Pumpki Farm...MS pondering deep thoughts

So many choices!

You can take home what you can carry!

Friday, October 9, 2009

High School Reunion

We celebrated our 10 year high school reunion with friends last weekend. It was a lot of fun catching up with our fellow classmates. I am more than glad to have it over after over a year of planning. The weekend was celebrated "Southern" style with a parade, pep rally, football game, and party. I love the fact that we grew up in a small town that still has parades with floats and girls in big dresses waving at crowds throwing candy. (a side note: apparently there is now a city ordinance prohibiting any candy be thrown from a moving vehicle or parade float so now people hire out small children to walk along their cars/floats and gently toss candy to the crowds...we took our chances and threw from the float). Oh, on the candy, Bo collected quite a few suckers which he has carried around all week EVERYWHERE! He takes the suckers out and places them on our dinner plates as he helps me cook at night but gathers them back up and puts them back in his bucket. It has been very comical to watch him with his little treasures. He hasn't had much interest in actually eating the treats as much as just holding them.

A shot of Bo, Nana, PawPaw, and Aunt Marina from the float.

Mary Susan's first parade ride (maybe her last unless we move back to Dalton)

Mary Susan 2 months

I really cannot believe that it has been over 2 months ago since she was born! We are finally starting to settle into our "new normal" as a family of 4 and exiting the haze of utter exhaustion. I'm starting to sew again which in itself is a sign of balance and routine.

Mary Susan is smiling, "talking", grasping, reaching and loves to squeal. She also loves to sleep on her stomach and swing. She watches Bo through the day and loves her daddy's voice. I'm starting to bond more and more with this precious baby. Each day I see more and more of her daddy's looks in her eyes and face. She is sleeping a little longer at night but we still get to see each other quite frequently in the wee hours. I am more aware of her ques when she grows tired or hungry which has been a huge help...still, however, very unpredictable.

Bo is talking more and having many 2 year-old days full of fun battles. I cringe to the term "terrible two's" because even my worst days with my babies are God-given. These little people truly are blessings. (easy to say as I type these words with a sweet boy sitting next to me, sucking his paci, hand rubbing my arm)

Here are Mary Susan's 2 month stats:
weight: 12.3 lb (90th percentile)
length: 23.5 in (90th percentile)
head: can't remember but 50th percentile---sweet little head!

My pictures of 2 are getting much better!

Bo holding and kissing his sister...very first time he would actually "hold" her.
Yes, I bribed him for a sucker.