Sunday, November 30, 2008

A new "do"

Yes, it's true (now old news)...we cut Bo's hair. Even two weeks later I'm still looking at him searching for my baby. I miss his sweet long hair :(

The past few weeks have been BUSY! Last week we went for our 15 month check-up...the stats:
Length--32.5" (75-90%),
Weight--21.3 lbs (10%---a jump from the 5% at 12 months!!!)
HC: 19 1/2 (75-90%)

He continues to amaze us and fill our hearts with joy and laughter every day. He is saying a few words (I understand more of them than the common by-stander). He loves "ducks", "leaves", "pumpkin", "turtle", "cookie".

What a sweet, sweet age!

Now the pictures:
Before the haircut...

Patient for the first 5 minutes...

And after...


Stacey M said...


he's so sweet! we are going to go this weekend to get braden's hair cut. it is OUT OF CONTROL! and really i just want to watch someone cut it so that i have an idea of where to even start the next time. i wish i could see your little guy in person. he and braden would be such good buddies.

Travis and Amber said...

So adorable! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!