Friday, October 9, 2009

Mary Susan 2 months

I really cannot believe that it has been over 2 months ago since she was born! We are finally starting to settle into our "new normal" as a family of 4 and exiting the haze of utter exhaustion. I'm starting to sew again which in itself is a sign of balance and routine.

Mary Susan is smiling, "talking", grasping, reaching and loves to squeal. She also loves to sleep on her stomach and swing. She watches Bo through the day and loves her daddy's voice. I'm starting to bond more and more with this precious baby. Each day I see more and more of her daddy's looks in her eyes and face. She is sleeping a little longer at night but we still get to see each other quite frequently in the wee hours. I am more aware of her ques when she grows tired or hungry which has been a huge help...still, however, very unpredictable.

Bo is talking more and having many 2 year-old days full of fun battles. I cringe to the term "terrible two's" because even my worst days with my babies are God-given. These little people truly are blessings. (easy to say as I type these words with a sweet boy sitting next to me, sucking his paci, hand rubbing my arm)

Here are Mary Susan's 2 month stats:
weight: 12.3 lb (90th percentile)
length: 23.5 in (90th percentile)
head: can't remember but 50th percentile---sweet little head!

My pictures of 2 are getting much better!

Bo holding and kissing his sister...very first time he would actually "hold" her.
Yes, I bribed him for a sucker.

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kerisullivan said...

oh my gosh they are so sweet!! you would never know you had a single hard day with those babies, handling everything with such grace and faith. I sooo want to be like you when I grow up- complete with precious tow-headed babies!