Friday, January 30, 2009

We're having a what?!?

That's right...a new baby Broadrick on the way! Due in August. (August 8th...the day before Bo's birthday). God is good and faithful and we look forward to meeting this new addition!

This picture was takien at our sweet friend's the Brewer's house. We visited them yesterday and Bo met their daughter, Anna Wells, for the first time! I should also mention tormented their sweet Westie, Georgia, as well. He was mesmerized with Anna Wells' toys...have you ever seen an 18 month old in a boucy seat??? Pretty hilarious!

Thank you for the wonderful pictures, Jennie!


Travis and Amber said...

Congrats again! =)

Jennie said...

you are welcome for the pictures, and congrats again!!

The Wiggins Family said...

Okay that first picture is hilarious! He is so cute. Someday we need to get our 2 boys together! I saw your comment on our blog about the outfit-I did make that one! I am hooked. :) But I need to branch out and try something other than a jon-jon. haha
Hope you are feeling well!

Matt & Kadie Laughlin said...

Congrats again! You guys are going to love having two!!