Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A big move!

To a big boy room that is...last night was Bo's first night in his "big boy" room. Bucky and I spent all weekend of our baby-moon/stay-cation/anniversary celebration getting everything ready to make the switch. It only took an hour for him to go to sleep and I didn't hear his sweet feet until 6:30 this morning. I must say it was both melting and strange to have Bo standing at my bed saying "hi, mama" after nearly two years of getting him from his crib. Oh, how my heart has tugged and tears have flown over this transition. I just feel like it is too soon, he can't be old enough for a bed. Yet, he is just that, a little boy that continues to delight us daily with his ever so growing vocabulary and personality. Challenging at times, very active and wired with a heart like his daddy---sweet and tender.

Here are some pictures:
Waiting patiently as mom/dad scramble for the various cameras (aren't we supposed to have these packed in the precarious hospital bag???)

On the rocking horse made by my dad before Bo was born---Bucky & I thought he would never fit on it.

"Here are all my Bob-Bob's"
Checking out the toys/books on the great bookshelf his paw paw made for his special room.
And, sleeping a baby, I mean Big Boy!

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The Wiggins Family said...

I am right there with you!! We are about to move William into his big boy room (as soon as this addition is finished!) and I think I'll have a harder time than he will! And how funny....we are painting his room green and just got the same jenny lind beds! Love it.