Monday, May 26, 2008

Move, Unpack, Breakdown

I can not believe that we are already in our new home in Chattanooga. It has been a crazy weekend of moving boxes, unpacking boxes, and breaking down boxes. I could sum up our story over the past couple of months and especially this past weekend in those three words...move, upack, breakdown. This move to Chatt. has been a walk of faith for us. I prayed and began listening for direction months ago and I felt that the Lord was calling me closer to home (Dalton, Ga.) After we began to discuss that "move" with each other it was not until we moved out in faith that Christ began to "unpack" what plans that he had for us. We thought that we had decided on Dalton and so we began moving that way by considering buying a house, looking at job opportunities and disussing the move with family and friends. As I moved to tell PharmMD (the company I work for) of my plans for leaving, a new story began to be "unpacked". I was offered to work from a home office doing the same thing that I am doing now. At the same time moving "home" for me was not the physical location of Dalton, GA, but the call that has developed in my heart over the past 3 years to be involved in the ministry of reconciliation through counseling. This led me to apply to PSI, a school located in Chattanooga that offers a masters in professional couseling by integrating the fields of theology and psychology. Now that location (Chattanooga), job, and school have been "unpacked" before our very eyes the only thing left is "breakdown". Just like the boxes that are laying in our driveway, we are broken down people, flattened and ready for use. It is the great Potter takes the broken clay and forms it for use. Our prayer is that Christ would take these broken boxes and assemble them for use in His Kingdom work in Chattanooga by the pouring out of our lives into relationships so that some might come to know our great King.



melbelle said...

I had almost given up on your blog, but my faith has been restored! And now that I can't get my weekly Bo fix here in Nashville, I will have to rely more heavily on your blogging. Love y'all and miss you SO much!

Kori said...

Hey guys - I was so excited to see you have a blog.(I have one too but no one really knows about it!) And what a good post - i love the analogy of "move, unpack, breakown". It was so good to see you at dinner before you left, but on the way home I was so sad. Sad that we didn't connect more before you moved - letting the business of life keep me distracted far too often. I am so excited about this new chapter for both of you. Bucky, you are so gifted in relationships and entering into someone's story. Please feel free to pass along any books/wisdom you gain at PSI! I've got more than my share of work/reading to do but I am always looking for impactful resources and knowledge. Ashley - you are a beautiful woman of God and I pray this season will be fruitful for you as well. I would love to bring the girls to Chattanooga sometime - maybe we can meet up for a playdate/fieldtrip! We love you guys so much!

Jennie said...

I'm going to quit reading unless you post something new SOON! :) Love y'all and miss you,