Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is it really July?????

I have NO IDEA where the past month has gone!!! This month Bucky celebrated his first Father's day, we continued our pursuit of settling into our Chattanooga life, made our 2nd beach trip with Bo, and watched our sweet boy grow. I wish I could freeze time most days. Bo is a crawling, "cruising", pointing, laughing, food throwing, happy, WILD MAN! Our new favorite word is ACTIVE. He is so skinny and I really have no idea how to add any weight to a boy that is on-the-move every moment he's awake.

Here are a few pictures:
Father's Day at the Creative Discovery Museum (plus a few extra pictures)

And the Beach with Bucky's family...we had a great time. Thanks Papa Bruce!

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Jennie said...

Yay! I was needing a Bo fix. :)