Monday, May 25, 2009

Beach fun

If only we caught this sweet smile on camera a few more times!
Is this my uncle or dad? Adam made for a hilarious addition to the week as Bo was mistaken as his child by several strangers (one time while he & Bucky were playing with Bo on the beach).
Fun with Nana & PawPaw!

Daddy time---Bo couldn't get enough! Did I mention that Bo remained on his EST schedule even though we were on the gulf? We were at the beach by 7 a.m. nearly every morning b/c Bo (now able to crawl out of the Pack & Play) was ready to go b/w 5:30 & 6 a.m.

Bucky, Bo & I spent the last week at the beach with my mom, dad and brother (Nana, Pawpaw, and Adam). Bo was a lot of fun, so much personality. He didn't love the ocean...actually he cried everytime we walked toward it as if we were going to toss him overboard. He did take to the pool pretty well. We really had such a fun time with him, watching him explore and take so much in. His talking and walking got a lot faster as the week went on---he now runs everywhere he goes.

I'm trying everyday to take him in and soak up my moments with Bo. As I grow tired (and bigger) and less comfortable each day, I am reminded that my (our) life is going to change all too quickly with the addition of our little girl. My heart is saddened and full of wonder as I think about how this new baby will fit in our life. I love my son and he loves his mama, loving to be held and cuddled and I am sad that those days are ending---at least for now as my lap is slowly disappearing and carrying is getting more challenging every day.

Lord, thank you for my time, my job, my calling and my heart. How I love being a wife, a mom, a daughter of Yours. Even on my hardest days please allow me to remember that your calling is good and pleasing. Poopy diapers, toilets, laundry, bathtimes...maybe not glamour but oh so beautiful to You.


kerisullivan said...

Ash- oh how I hope I am half the mama you are one day. It is so evident that this IS your calling and on the longer days, know how you inspire me!

Stacey M said...

so have you guys started bo in the big boy bed yet? i guess it's coming soon anyway right? please, let me know how it goes. we are getting ready to get austin's old trundle bed but i think i'm gonna wait a few months before i try braden in it. he's not trying to climb out just yet and i can't handle any earlier wakings than 6am, especially considering the boy doesn't fall asleep until sometimes 9pm.