Monday, May 25, 2009

Can We Fix It???

Bo is totally into "Bob the Builder" right now. Every worker or piece of equipment is called a "Bob-Bob". It is amazing to see how little boys are wired---we have never taught him to love "Bob-Bobs", he just does. His excitement is contagious.

Last month we had a screened in porch added to our house and there were Bob-Bobs galore! Bo was a little watchman each day glued to the window as the workers hammered away. I found this Bob The builder tool set at a consignment sale and he wore it from the time he woke up to until bedtime. The underwear around his neck was an addition that he pulled out of the clean clothes basket and refused to give up for the day...won't it make a great rehearsal dinner picture someday????

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Stacey M said...

hilarious!! gotta love boys and toddlers. he is a doll.