Sunday, September 13, 2009

1 month photos

Here are 1 month shots of Mary Susan is her oversized onesie! I can't even believe that she is already one month old (acutally now 6 weeks). She is smiling and cooing...we are starting to recognize her cries and needs more regularly now. And I can say that after a scary 1 month check up I gained perspective on children and my daily enjoyment of each of them. Although my house is a complete wreck and at moments almost puts me over the edge, I try to remind myself each day that this is a season and it is passing by far too quickly already.

Friends, remind me of this on the hard days!

1 month stats:
10 lb 7 oz (90%)
22.5 inches (90%)
Head---don't remember but 50%

1 week later back at the dr she weigh 11 lb 1 oz so the girl is not missing any meals!!!

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