Sunday, September 13, 2009

Touch a truck

Yesterday we went with some friends to an event called "touch a truck"...a little boy's dream and I must admit that I was quite excited to see these vehicles as well! There were dump trucks, fire trucks, moving trucks, tanker trucks, "bob-bob" trucks...a bus, ambulances, and even a studebaker equipped with a surfboard and a man convinced that I needed to buy one of his boxer puppies. (obviously he was oblivious to the baby I was carrying and my banshee of a two year old running wild). We enjoyed it all until the end...Jennie, if you are reading we had a tantrum that would rival the one you experienced at the zoo. How fun it must be to be a boy!


Emilie Smith said...

Hey Ashley!
I love all your posts on Bo and Mary Susan -they are so sweet. I'm so happy for y'all! Girl, you can get through these days : ) I hope we see y'all sometime soon!

love, emilie

Stacey M said...

how fun! braden would have loved this!!!! but ashley...the tantrums...oh the tantrums! 30 some minutes long last week. i'm convinced it's just easier to stay home instead of dealing with the tantrums when it's time to go. braden has SUCH a hard time leaving places. this too shall pass...i hope!!!!!