Wednesday, April 14, 2010

February into March...

Really...I took 2 pictures in February? MS turned 7 months and I didn't even snap a picture in her too big onesie (which isn't actually big on my oversized child). So let's move onto March. Our 3rd snow followed by super warm weather--typical spring! MS started crawling this month and Bo's days are full of WORMS! Worms in the house, on the porch, worms. Our hunting has slowed down after Bo dropped a rock on his finger and "smashed" it (his words). We continue to be amazed by his ever growing vocabulary, busy body, and amazingly sweet heart. He may look like his momma, but he has the tenderness of his daddy.

No, socks cannot be used in place of mittens!

So many snowmen this year!!!

Showing off his worm stash (can you see on the rock?)...he doesn't understand quite yet that worms need dirt like we need air! Poor worms!

Warm day at the park...MS pre-crawling days...much easier at the park!

sweet friends anna & noah over for a playdate.

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